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Metal Stamping of a Cord Terminal Assembly for the Hair Cutting Industry

This metal stamping project made use of our in-die assembly capabilities to produce a cord terminal assembly very efficiently. The customer is located in Wisconsin and manufactures hair cutting tools. The cord terminal assembly was stamped and assembled on our 35 ton punch press and is comprised of a cord terminal fabricated from .025" thick C260 ½ hard Brass and a cold rolled steel tension ball. The steel balls were fed into a tube, and assembled into the Brass stamping, before the completed assembly was ejected from the die. The finished assembly is .797" x .216" x 0.125" with tolerances as tight as ±.002" and ½°.

The finished assembly underwent dimensional inspection to ensure all customer specifications were met, as well as composition and tensile testing in accordance with ASTM B36. We have produced over 250,000 of these assemblies to date, but can accommodate a range of production volumes for any industry requiring precision stamped components or wire forms. To learn more about all of Excel Spring & Stamping's capabilities, contact us directly.

  Cord Terminal Assembly
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Cord Terminal Assembly
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Metal Stamping Project Highlights

Product Name Cord Terminal Assembly
Product Description This cord terminal assembly is used in an electric hair clipper.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Stamping with In-Die Assembly
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 35 Ton Punch Press
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 0.797"
Width: 0.216"
Height: 0.125"
Tightest Tolerances ± 0.002"
Angular: ± ½°
Material Used Cord Terminal
C260 ½ Hard Brass
Thickness: 0.025"
Tension Ball
Cold Rolled Steel Grade: 1000
Material Finish Raw
In process testing/inspection performed Dimensional Inspection
Inspect Chemistry and Tensile to ASTM B36
Industry for Use Hair Cutting
Volume Over 250,000 to date
Delivery Location Wisconsin
Standards Met Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
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